About us

Our wine making story began in 2009

when friends invited us to go to Dewitt, Michigan to make a couple of batches of wine together. We had so much fun tasting and making our wine that night, that we decided to make some more. A few months later we made a few more kits at a winery in Lapeer, Michigan. After that we were hooked and decided to try making our own wine at home.

Jill and Mark Thomas

Jill and Mark both love the crafting process of making wine, experimenting with flavors, and of course, watching others enjoy the final product.

Both agree that a dry red, such as a Malbec is their favorite wine to drink. When we are not making wine or working behind the bar, we can be found out golfing or binge watching a new show at home with our family.

Kurt and Diane Teller

Kurt and Diane both enjoy taste-testing and bottling days. We love bringing friends to the winery to try out the latest batches and make bottling days lots of fun! When it comes to our favorite wines, Kurt enjoys a dry red or port, especially the Orange Chocolate port. Diane prefers a nice red blend, such as Boomerang or Indigenous. When we are not making wine or working behind the bar, we enjoy golfing and spending time with our family and friends.

Unwined Winery is comprised of two couples and long-time friends, Kurt & Diane Teller and Mark & Jill Thomas. The Tellers’ and Thomas’ started making wine in 2009 using home kits from various Michigan wineries.


The hobby and experimentation turned into more when we were pleasantly surprised by how well the final product turned out.

Now we are happy to share our product with fellow wine enthusiasts and Michigan locals since we opened the doors in February of 2019.  Read more about the Tellers and Thomases and our friendship below.

Kurt & Diane Teller and Mark & Jill Thomas have been good friends since 2006 when we joined a church small group together. We’ve raised our four children through their teen years together, we golf together, went on mission trips together, vacation together and started making wine together. So why not go into business together?


We found out how fun it is to make wine with friends.

Now we want to share our wine with everyone who wants to UNWINED and enjoy a good glass of wine with their friends. We don’t claim to be wine experts or to know everything about making wine but we do want to share what we have learned over the years with others who love wine.

We love wine, we love making wine and now we want to share what we love with you.

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